Vision & Mission

• To install a network of Multi-purpose business/ education centers to provide various services and training to public.
 To equipped  the public to face the future through systematic e-literacy programs. 
 To enhance rural connectivity infrastructure and thereby find a market for rural products in urban centers.
 Generate employment opportunities in urban as well as rural.
 To create a community that is equipped to use IT awareness for economic and social development.
 To enable individuals and societies at large to access information, education and other facilities.
 Development of the core sectors including education, health, human resources etc.

 Our Mission is a country where our citizens and visitors to the city can choose how they interact with one another, where public service providers and businesses can use the full range of Computer Education. Information will flow freely from providers to citizens by methods best suited to individual needs. 
 Engagement across generation, cultures and geography will be commonplace through the innovation and fun which will characterize our e-nation.

 We believe that by raising the general level of technology usage in our communities, individuals and groups will interact more readily with enhanced digital services.
 Ultimately we see the challenge as a groundbreaking opportunity to bring together young and old, from urban and rural areas, to share experiences, exchange resources and have every product / service available at the tip of their fingers.
 Personality Development of the student: This program not only focuses on the syllabus but also pull out the hidden abilities and inner power of the student. Basically it tries to bring out and built the personality of the student.
 To change life-style by New Technologies: Providing awareness to upcoming technologies and changing environment.
 Our student's satisfaction through fulfillment of needs.
 We want love, familiar relationship with our student & our Centers by our education & our service.